August 2017



We’re back after several months concentrating on the most important part of our work: finishing the film!

Please forgive us the long silence, to get to this final stage has been an adventure for both Jim and I!

Flashback to November 2016. As we announced in our last update, we went again to IDFA to participate in the Forum, the most important market for documentary projects in Europe.

I went back to Amsterdam to present a selection of pre-edited sequences with the objective of finding the best international sales agent for Constructing Albert. As luck would have it, several important sales agents were interested in the project, and after much deliberation we decided to give international representation of Constructing Albert to Wide House.

Wide House is headed by Anais Clanet who from Paris represents dozens of creative documentaries every year. Her experience in handling documentaries about gastronomic personalities - having represented Buscando a Gaston, about a chef and Peruvian national hero, Gaston Acurio - convinced us Wide House would make great allies.

Around that time we also received an invitation to premiere the film in the Culinary Cinema section of the Berlinale, if we could complete the film before Christmas. The euphoria of the offer didn’t last long, however, as at Christmas we were still shooting, in large part, because Enigma, the restaurant that formed the jewel in the crown of Albert’s project, had yet to open. We still hadn’t shot the end of the film!

Last days of shooting at Enigma

Then it was 2017. Once shooting had wrapped and Enigma very was much open for business, we spent long months in the dark, editing and re-editing.

The end of May and still at rough cut stage, we began working with the Estonian composer Arian Levin, who created the beautiful original music score.

By July we were finally in post-production, mixing the audio with the sound jedi Horret Kuus, who did wonders with roughly recorded sound in noisy restaurants. In the meantime here in Barcelona Esther Tejada filled the film with colour and depth, revealing details as yet unseen in underexposed takes of Albert’s often very dark restaurants. Esther is an exceptional colourist, an artist with passion, patience and an abundance of talent.

Working with Arian and Horret in Estonia was only possible thanks to the vision and faith of Marianne Ostrat of Alexandra Films, a Tallin based producer with whom we began collaborating in 2016. This minority co-production opened the doors to the highest quality post-production for Constructing Albert.

And now here we are. We have the Spanish language version ready and we are preparing for the world premiere in September.

Where? We will let you know in our next update.


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