September 2014

Oliver Peña recommendations


Craving for avant-garde cuisine? The three favorites of Oliver Peña, chef at 41 º Experience.
Oliver Peña worked at elBulli Hotel as pastry chef a few years. His career as a chef has always been guided by a lucky star, the Michelin star in Tragabuches Restaurant in Ronda and in Carles Abellan’s Restaurant Comerç24.

Since September 2012 is the head chef at 41 º Experience of Albert Adrià, restaurant that has earned a Michelin star in the 2013 edition. For those who doesn’t know, 41 º is the closest thing to elBulli that you can find in the world, because there are served snacks in that style along with a cocktail matching. A heavenly three hour dining experience for just 16 clients. So we’ve asked Oliver Peña his recommendations in avant-garde cuisine (or surprising, avant-garde, or advanced) … and this is what he has told us.

1. Spain: Mugaritz
Few words are not already used to qualify the cuisine of Andoni Luis Aduriz. “They play in another league,” says Peña of this Basque gastronomic temple. “They’re real and they have their own entity and they do not follow anyone.”

Caserio Otzazulueta, 20
20100 Errenteria, España
Phone: 943 522 455

2. Encore Spain. Aponiente. El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz
Ángel León restaurant has, as Peña says  “something very personal”.  Shocking, sometimes radical, yet the menu of seafood, working with the fish fat; something that nobody has done. “Back for sure,” he says convinced.

A Poniente
C/ Puerto Escondido nº6
11500 El Puerto de Santa María – Cádiz – Spain
Phone: +34 956 851 870

3. World. Riugin Restaurant, Tokyo, Japón
And Japan returns to our list of recommendations. Oliver Peña stands out that above all in Riugin the chef Seiji Yamamoto used to cook an avant-garde cuisine but he decided to focus only on doing kaiseki cuisine. The kaiseki is the ultimate echelon of Japanese gastronomy: a seasonal cuisine raised to the status of art. We will have to go, right?

Side Roppongi Bldg. 1F,
7-17-24 Roppongi,
Minato, Tokyo
Phone: 81-3-3423-8006

Now you know, the avant-garde cuisine, which surprises you and overflows the purely gastronomic experience has three names for the chef of 41º, one of the best examples of haute cuisine.


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